We are very cognizant of the fact that the successes we enjoy today are a function of those who went before us—but we also believe strongly that a healthy and expanding organization should always have more dreams than memories.
Ray Hunt—Chairman and CEO of Hunt Consolidated, Inc.


The success of Hunt Refining Company can be directly attributed to its culture. As a privately held, family-owned company, Hunt's employees have a strong commitment to each other and the company. Employees enjoy many activities outside of work that strengthen their relationships. They can often be found together on golf courses and softball fields, and at tailgates, 5Ks and other events.

Hunt Refining places a great deal of importance on attracting and retaining the most highly qualified employees possible. The men and women who comprise Hunt Refining Company are far and away its most important asset. They are extremely competent individuals from a professional point of view, and their personal values and work ethic are unsurpassed. The company endeavors to create a working environment that allows employees to realize their full potential through investment in training, development and promotion opportunities.